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Clean Safe Green

The earth today may be able to sustain the damage, however, it is depleting each day as we speak.

Earth is a unique and dynamic environment that facilitates the growth of several species of plants, trees, animals and human being.

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Community Policing

Substance abuse is like a termite that is eating away the future of several nations of the world, including India.

In numerous youths have sacrificed their careers and given away their lives to sustain this habit that has only resulted in their destruction.

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Environment is an interrelationship between biotic and abiotic variables.

The ‘Built Environment’ is a product made of material, spatial and cultural inputs and is a result of human intellect and labour.

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Nature or natural environment is an inclusion of all living and non-living things occurring naturally on Earth.

Nature is often referred to as Mother Nature because of its extraordinary qualities to nourish its children, i.e. the species that walk this earth and call it a home.

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Natural Disasters

There is a wide assortment of natural disasters that the world has witnessed.

An adverse event of the nature that amounts to a calamity and loss of human lives and resources is known as a natural disaster or an act of god.

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Rail Passengers

Indian railways are one of the biggest networks of trains in the world.

Railways passengers are the first and foremost responsibility and concern of the Indian Railways leading to a series of provisions and privileges that are not prevalent anywhere else in the world.

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Rivers are Flowing Sources of Life.

Every river starts at the highest point in a particular area as a minute trickle.

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Save The Tiger

Our mission is to secure a future for tiger and to sustain the beauty and ecological integrity .

Shot the “tiger” with the camera not with the gun. Tiger Tiger burning bright, will not let you fade out of sight, that is my promise and for you we will fight.

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Women Empowerment

Women in today’s world are competent enough to walk along side men and achieve things that were earlier a forbidden dream.

In other words, they are free enough to not only take their decisions but are also competent enough to be the part of the functioning of the nation.

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Skill Development

India has seen a new dawn of highly qualified and trained individuals in the past decade.

To understand the importance of skill development, it is extremely vital to first understand the meaning of skill development.

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Nandini Raghunath Joshi