Clean Safe Green


Earth is a unique and dynamic environment that facilitates the growth of several species of plants, trees, animals and human being. However, due to excessive strain created by the biggest predator, human beings, the other species have been subjected to a gradual decline and depletion. One of the biggest reasons for this depletion is the uninterrupted killing for personal benefits. The other living species of the planet have become insecure due to the growing powers of the mankind. With the growing population and mouths to feed, human populace has opted for an incessant killing of wild animals for skin, and other byproducts and de-forestation for wood and greater living space.
This has affected the geological balance created on the planet amounting to several natural disasters and other catastrophes that have been ignored for a long time. The safety of the wild and free, are under continuous scrutiny caused by the ever expanding human dominance along with the extinction of a several breeds and varieties of animals and plants.
Besides the killing and annihilation spree, the garbage disposal habits supported by the human beings have created an unsafe and unstable environment that is unfit for living. The ever increasing pollution, of rivers, air and land, along with release of gases has left a re-traceable damage on the environment. One such example of devastating effect of untamed human practices is the global warming, where the temperature of the earth has been rising continuous causing an imbalance.

The earth today may be able to sustain the damage, however, it is depleting each day as we speak. It may not be the same for the future generations to see and experience. Is this the legacy that human beings leave for the future? It is time that the matters are taken more seriously and a conscious effort is made to save what has been left and restore that has already been lost.



‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness’, so goes the old adage. But actually cleanliness is Godliness. As an individual strives to keep his or her body clean so should be the concern to keep the world we live in, clean and hygienic. Community policing makes it a priority in habitat areas to make scientific recycling a top priority. Focus should be made to see that no pollutants are discharged into water bodies. A master plan to clean up all the water bodies should be drafted and quickly implemented. Our beaches are nature’s gift to enjoy, whether it be a gentle breeze or a glorious sunrise or sunset. Beaches should become litter free and should be cleaned on a war footing. Gardens and walking paths should be set up in all neighborhoods which should also be litter free. Constant monitoring should be done to prevent littering. Clean-up activities in the gardens and habitat areas should be undertaken on a priority basis. The community police should have a record of complaints and should attend to each complaint promptly.


One can still remember the slogan ‘Clean Bombay, Green Bombay’ which became a slogan for the whole of the country. Greenery is what gives living creatures a positive and a healthy environment to live. More trees and green patches are the sign of a vibrant environment. This is only possible, when no opportunity is lost to plant a tree and take care of it and ensure that it grows. All resources should be recycled so that there is optimum utilization, in a frugal country like ours. Each member of society should plant and adopt a tree, so that a number of trees keep growing. The immediate focus by the civic authorities and citizens should be to create rainwater harvesting zones. Landscaping should be undertaken to bring about green patches wherever possible. A move towards green architecture is the need of the hour.


A clean and green environment is a precursor to the most important need for humans: a safe environment. What is the use of a clean and green environment, if its inhabitants are not safe. Community police groups should organize and have at hand the contact numbers of each member living there. This will ensure that each member can be contacted in case of an emergency and an emergency contact number should be accessible to the citizens. Such patrolling, monitoring and quick response would help prevent sex crimes and prevent predators from committing crimes. Quick monitoring would bring a rapid analyses and response to the location where the crime is being committed. Traffic control should be the key where the community police squads manage traffic. A neighborhood march can be taken regularly to promote pedestrian and cyclist safety. Motor vehicles should be thoroughly checked and the drivers’ documents checked on a routine basis. Inspections can be held by community police to ensure fire safety and fire fighting capability. Also, inspections on pool hygiene and safety can be undertaken regularly. A crime prevention specialist can be invited to conduct seminars/workshops. This will expose the citizenry to the nature of crimes and how to take precautions and avoid being a victim. Each individual is not a handyman, so building experts can conduct workshops on the basics of home maintenance and improvement, gardening, aquaculture, horticulture, floriculture, etc. In times of calamity government agencies may take a long time to respond, a citizens disaster-management group should be formed to respond in times of emergency situations. A parents-teachers association and a parents-students-teachers association will help mitigate problems in the bud. Patrolling, monitoring and intelligence gathering can bring down crime and even fight terrorism.

Community Policing: A bridge between Clean-Green-Safe Environment

The community police team indeed is a bridge between Clean-Safe-Green. Their job is to keep the environment pristine. How safe and pleasant do people perceive a residential area to be is arguably the most important factor in the neighborhood's health. Perception and reality sometimes differ and a neighborhood with relatively little crime, but an unsafe image will experience problems with attracting new residents and in motivating current residents to stay, buy bigger homes and invest long-term. Attracting neighborhood-serving businesses to what is perceived as an unsafe neighborhood will also prove challenging and daunting. Dealing with crime and cleaning up unsavory and unsafe features in a neighborhood is a critical first step in changing the area for the better. Neighborhoods with higher than average incidences of crimes — particularly violent crimes — will face even greater challenges. Crime breeds fear and isolation, instability, disinvestment and transience in the residential population. This provides a breeding ground for increased criminal activity, thereby contributing to the challenge of revitalizing a neighborhood.

Another facet of neighborhood safety is movement to and through the area. Through urban revitalization programs or traffic reconfigurations, some cities have become geographically cut up by road layouts through residential neighborhoods. Areas where street crossing, walking or biking is dangerous often characterize resulting impacts. Ensuring safety in a neighborhood includes the provision of safe routes for children to walk or bike to school, for residents to access commercial developments and for recreation. Cleanliness is the bridge between safety and greening. Littered vacant lots and illegal dumping areas often present venues for criminal activity. Additionally, a filthy, untended neighborhood has been shown to signal apathy on the part of the residents, thus leading to increased discord, petty crime and eventually more serious crimes and systemic disinvestment.

Greening is relevant to a neighborhood's image, appearance and health issues. Landscaping, trees, and other plantings impact the visual appeal of both residential and commercial streets, with mature trees and healthy, maintained landscaping elements creating a consistent, cared-for appearance. A neighborhood that is struggling with clean, safe, and green issues is likely to definitely have:

  • Higher rates of violent crime than the surrounding region.
  • Prevalence of graffiti and barred windows and doors.
  • Higher percentage of vacant buildings and lots.
  • Abandoned vehicles.
  • Inconsistent trash pickup and surface cleaning, evidenced by waste on footpath and in parks and other public areas.
  • Trash dumping on vacant lots or alleys.
  • Failure to maintain equipment and landscaping in parks and public spaces.
  • Full or partial grants for landscaping elements, or giveaways of trees, bulbs and other resilient plants ·
  • Community gardening projects

Effect of Community Policing on Development

Development is a multi-pronged process. It requires the systematic use of scientific and technical knowledge to meet specific objectives and requirements that are desired. It also is an extension of the theoretical or practical aspects of a concept, design, discovery or invention. The ultimate purpose of community policing vis-a-vis development is to ensure that a sturdy process of economic and social transformation that is based on various complex socio-cultural and environmental factors and their interactions for the benefit of the community and nation at large. Development is only possible when the process of adding improvements to a parcel of land, such as grading, sub-dividing, creating drainage, sanitation facilities, accessible and all weather roads and other utilities are provided. Community policing has definitely a concrete impact on the quality of life for its inhabitants. Development is visible when the surroundings become clean and hygienic. The residents begin to realize and enjoy a spic-n-span surrounding. This has a direct impact on the health and well-being of the inhabitants. There is less disorder and hence more time is available to enhance the quality of life.
Policing acts as a deterrent and the crime graph keeps coming down. It clearly shows senior citizens, children, women begin to show less fear when they venture out. There are lesser accidents and rapid responses to emergencies and accidents bring down fatalities and provide immediate succor. Community policing is a key to the preservation of a healthy, sustainable environment which has a permanent impact on the physical, psychological and social well being of the members of the community.

Impact on investment

Every rupee or dollar or euro that is earned is too precious for the one who owns it. Nobody would like to invest their precious money into a community/region where things are dysfunctional, shabby and a prognostic where failure is written bold and clear. Nobody would like to invest in communities where there is a high crime rate and when the investor feels that his investment is not secure. A non-policed community does not inspire or attract money. Investors would definitely shy away from such regions.

Many studies have proved that community policing has increased infrastructure, helped conserve the infrastructure that is already there, beautify the surroundings, bring crime rate down, increase the health graph of the citizens and inspire and convince the citizenry that they have a very good future in the community. Investors are smart and look for perpetual and long term returns. This can only be provided by a community that is vibrant and a region where every process is functional and delivers. This is ensured by community policing. The bottom line is community policing is key to prosperity as it creates an investor-friendly environment and attracts investors by the droves.

Cleanliness, Safety and Greening will influence neighborhood economy

Cleanliness, Safety and Greening is the core concept that focuses on re-attributing former glory to the environment by removing stains of dirt and replanting the destroyed kingdom of flora and fauna. It is formulated on belief that a clean and green environment is the beginning of a new dawn that would not only help in reducing drastic climatic and physiological changes but also aid in betterment of the various species that dwell on Earth. A clean and green environment, essentially, facilitates the loss of various diseases and ailments inhabiting the human race caused due to dirt, pollution and unhygienic living conditions.

A clean and green environment has an astonishing effect on the economy as well. They facilitate the growth of an environment that is beautiful and scenic amounting to a larger tourist gathering and attraction. Most tourists from around the world like to visit places that would help them de-stress and release the pressures of work and hectic lifestyles of metropolitan cities. A greater tourist calling would amount to a booming economy of not only the host country but also the parent countries with increased expenditure by the populace on reservations, bookings and travelling. Hence, a cleanliness, Safety and Greening campaign may be the new face for all round development of several nations across the world.

Clean, Safe and Green Effect on Development and Impact on Economy

Cleanliness is a need that is borne out of habit to maintain dirt free environment to prevent diseases and other unhealthy infestations. Thinkers have often raised a comparison between the former and current Earth to reflect the loss of cleanliness, greenery and safety for all living organism. The raised questions and concerns have lead to a massive mutiny that has not only hampered the existing practices but also revolutionized the mindsets of people towards the nature.

Nature is an abundant spring of raw material for a wide array of commodities to satisfy the needs of humans, animals or plants. The decline in the health of the nature has a direct affect on the growth and development of even the biggest economies across the world. With the increased needs, the ruthless mutilation of the nature amplifies, in turn causing a counter effect on the global economy and development. A recent example of the effect of nature on the economy of a state was witnessed in United States of America. The consumption of fossil fuel is at an all time high across the globe resulting into a continuous depletion of the environment. The blanket of environment around the earth has the exact percentage of different elements such as oxygen, carbon dioxide, etc to stabilize it. However, the emissions from various industries and other household everyday appliances and goods such as refrigerator, microwave and vehicles, two and four wheeler.

The burning of fossil fuels and petrochemicals release methane and other gases that cause the ozone blanket to deplete, making it bleed to nothingness. The world has seen a hole in the ozone layer that leads to excessive exposure of the planet to harmful radiations of the sun that were earlier filtered. Hence, an initiative was instigated in US of America to reduce these hydrocarbons affecting the ozone layer, in turn leading to the nature or environmental imbalance. The depleting nature had a catastrophic effect on the economy of the country. To further understand the correlation between the economy and depleting nature, it is essential to comprehend the costs attached to various commodities in a common being’s life. Hence, a drive was started in the country to minimize the usage of harmful chemicals, fossil fuels and other irritants to reduce the release of gases that would eventually doom the country. Also, several hydroelectric and solar energy projects were set up to further help the environment regain its former glory.

India, as on date is facing similar concerns due to excessive population that is exploitation the nature for personal benefits. This race to gain more can never stop until people are made aware of the consequences of their actions in the future. A sense of moral responsibility that has long been forgotten needs to be reinstalled for a brighter future. The best possible technique to achieve this is by moral community policing where community members are made judge of the circumstances and allowed to take a decision based on their conscious calling.

There are several other aspects of the scenario that needs to be explained to them to further highlight the gravidity of the situation. An individual earns an income to meet the daily demands of his existence such costs for living, eating, commuting and medical care. In present scenario, an entity is spending heavily on the commuting, electricity, and other comforts of living. But, in turn instead of yielding him profits these commodities are costing heavily on his/her health. The smog, acid rains and polluted air s/he breathes affects the health thus elevating his medical expenses. Also, the present form of electricity is mostly generated by burning fossil fuels in turn depleting the environment and his/her health by causing various health hazards such as breathing difficulties, cancers, etc.. These practices, as a result, devoid the individual from spending wisely on the services and article of trade that would benefit him/her and his/her health such as health food.

To the contrary, the benefits of employing nature for sufficing the basic needs helps restore the balance along with reducing the living cost over a period of time hence, stabilizing the economy. For example, the use of solar energy for electricity may be a costly affair initially because of the establishment of the solar panels and board. However, as the time progresses the initial investment is recovered as there are no over head charges of buying the raw material for production. Also, the environment is being stabilized as it is no longer being polluted by the harmful exhaust. Similar is the case with hydro electricity where water is used to produce electricity. This helps the common man save his extra income and utilize it for better benefits, in turn, increasing the buying power of an individual. This enhanced buying power plays a great role in stabilizing the economy of the country as it can facilitate greater luxury items that would be bought by its populace, ultimately enhancing their lifestyle.

India is nation of millions of possibilities, mostly due to abundant natural reserves present in its vicinity. The country is surrounded by water masses on three sides and enjoys long fruitful summers for half of the year. Hence, these natural souvenirs can be utilized to make it a clean and green nation further securing its future on the global territory. This stabilizes the country as the people are now more efficient in buying luxury goods causing the markets to flourish and economy to boom.

The development of a country is not just by good roads in the city but, also associated with the development of its populace, in general. Indian subcontinent has maintained a strategic position on the global map that enables the nation to prosper. Hence, utilizing the available resources can help contribute to the prosperity of the nation leading to its development.

To conclude, the nation prospers with its people, the economy booms when the buying power of the citizen increases and the nature flourishes when acts of insanity are stopped. As responsible, educated citizens of the country, it is the duty of ever individual to contribute towards replenishment of the nature and development of the economy. Be a responsible voter!

Crime against Cleanliness

A clean, green and fresh earth is the right of every species ever born. But, gradually due to dim-witted acts committed by the human beings, this clean and green earth is slowly converting into a dirty and dim one. The consequences of such thoughtless actions have started showcasing affecting not only the human beings but also all the other creatures dwelling on it.

Cleanliness is a state of achievement of an environment free of dirt, garbage and pollutants. It is, in fact, not only achieving this state but also maintaining it in the future to reap desired benefits pertaining to greenery, health and freshness. Cleanliness in certain cultures have been ascribed the meaning next to god because it is believed that the true god resides in places that are clean and green. An unclean environment can not only be a sore sight for the eyes but also affect the health in most unimaginable manner, sometimes even causing an everlasting damage on the DNA of the individual. The sudden downfalls in the sanitary conditions of the globe have raised doubts in the future of the planet. These increased debates and doubts, however, have contributed to the awakening amongst people who earlier played the role of ignorant. But, majority of this wakened crowd still belongs to the class of social workers and educated few. The message is yet to creep into the veins of the society towards the general populace of the country, which are still unaware of the devastating corollary of an unclean environment and surroundings.

Cleanliness is a habit that is inculcated into one’s core belief and existence and followed like a religion by him/her and their families. Once commenced, it is followed like a ritual each day for rest of the eternity. But, a person who doesn’t value or understand the importance of education would continue to live in the tight web of dirt and unhealthy environment that would cost them their peace, health and future. In India, there is a weird concept of cleaning the house by throwing away the dirt onto the roads or nearby places. But, what most people fail to understand is that is grime would ultimately pollute their own surroundings and would eventually find a way back to their house in some way. Cleaning the house doesn’t suffice the moral responsibility of a citizen; in fact it is the stage where the conscientious task begins!

But, like all nights there is a beautiful first light awaiting, so is the case with unclean dark has started seeing a crack of dawn with several cleanliness campaigns launched across the nation for a brighter future. One such campaign is the “Swatch Bharat Abhyaan” that inspires countless citizens to pick up a broom and clean their environment of any dirt that would hamper the health of their loved ones. The schools, colleges and other institutions have taken the lead to inspire the general populace of the country to further instill the motive into the roots of the nation. The augmented alertness has further lead to several other campaigns are being launched across the globe such as the 21st mega cleanliness Earth Campaign that was inaugurated at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi in 2013, in which thousands of people participated to commence the cleaning procedure.

All the religions across the world have emphasized the need and significance of cleanliness before commencing the day early in the morning. But, transferring this message to the general populace has been a difficult job and hence, joint initiates involving reputed members of the society and law enforcement agencies have been instigated under the banner of community policing. Community policing is a special branch of unique and dignified individuals belonging to the society and the law enforcement agencies that collaboratively work towards attaining a common goal. Such initiatives have proven extremely prolific in creating awareness and moral insight among people who earlier ignored the relevance of cleanliness in their life.

Community policing is a collaborative approach taken by the law enforcement agencies by recruiting conscious responsible citizens to wage a war against the ills of the society. It has proven extremely beneficial in improving the law and order situations in several nations across the globe. The latest endeavor is to include this task force into cleaning the environment for a safer surrounding that is free from sickness and unhygienic dirt.

Besides moral policing, another important aspect to attain this goal of clean and green earth preserved for the future is educating the populace about the vitality of the topic under discussion, “Cleanliness”. Education is the biggest tool to break the barriers of ignorance, and other social blocks created within the society. An education imparted to the child in school level stays with him for his entire life, guiding him through the difficulties to choose the righteous path. Similar approach has to be applied in this scenario to help the children, the foundation and future of the country, inculcate this core belief of cleaner future into their lives. A child is the only person within each household who possess the power to correct all the wrong practices of the house along with maintaining these healthy habits for the future. Also, they inspire the elders and the younger ones to follow the example, set by them.

To conclude the discussion presented above, there is only one significant aspect to understand. Cleanliness and hygiene are two concepts that are equivalent to god, bright future and a gift of heaven for our children. It is not just about cleaning your house today; instead it is about cleaning your country, earth and Mother Nature. Crimes against cleanliness had lead to catastrophic effects around the globe and the trend would continue unless the populace decides to change their accepted wisdom for betterment. It is not essential that age old practices would yield safer results. In fact such practices of grubbing the environment would mean devastation and a rotten planet for young individuals who are yet to set foot in this world.

Always remember, lead by example! A cleaner you would make a better leader.