Community Policing


Community Policing

Substance abuse is like a termite that is eating away the future of several nations of the world, including India. Innumerous youths have sacrificed their careers and given away their lives to sustain this habit that has only resulted in their destruction. Drug abuse is a vicious monster that has always worked in undercurrent to maintain its stronghold within the country.
Substance abuse is attributed to a disorder in which a person becomes dependant on substances such as drugs, alcohol, cough syrups, whiteners etc. it is a systematic and patterned procedure that upshots a high in the abuser can be dangerous to the bystanders as well. Drugs is one aspect of substance abuse that has off lately unleashed its clutches on the population of the world on a large scale affecting the younger generations even more than the others. It is estimated that nearly 120 Million people use hard drugs such as cocaine, brown sugar etc resulting in over 200,000 deaths each year.
In countable cases, certain variety of drugs is used for medical assistance in certain types of patients who would benefit from them such as sedatives, analgesics, anxiety drugs etc. However, drugs in all forms cause extreme dependence and withdrawal symptoms when discontinued. The community is the worst affected in the free and unobstructed inflow of these drugs. Hence, representatives of this community are the unsurpassed medium to curb the strong hold of the degrading habit amongst people.

Drug abuse gradually makes its victims dependant on it by first giving a high or elevated state of mood with heightened concentration but eventually a person becomes so used to it that s/he is unable to resist the urge to consume the drug. Drugs are broadly naturally or chemically designed substances that enhance the movement of neuro-chemicals in the brain enabling a person to perform more efficiently initially. Its effects on a person may not be visible initially if it is consumed in small quantities however; subsequently it is visible to everyone who comes in contact with the person. Hence, the family, friends and community are the first to notice the obvious changes in behavior and habits tabooing an individual’s life.

Also, the anti-social elements of the society are responsible for introducing and supplying of the drug to commoners, making them dependant for more money and materialistic comforts. Tracking and nabbing such individuals is a Hercules task as mostly it is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Therefore, involving the undaunted members of the community not only provides intelligence but also help creating a correction facility for the victims. Thus, it can be rightfully said that community policing is the best drug control strategy as on present day and date!

Community policing is a joint venture of the police and a selected few members of the community to fight crime and restore peace within the society. The best of both worlds collaborate to form a new elite group of young individuals who easily recognize and destroy the roots of criminal conspiracies against the nation such as drug inflow. Community policing is an old concept that has gained popularity and weight-age in several countries due to its undisputed benefits and effectiveness within the community.

Most youth get trapped in the clutches of this vicious monster because of lack of knowledge and high returns in terms of mental function. However, what they are unaware of is its long lasting effects on the health and life of not only the abuser but the rest of family as well. Hence, the primary task in front of the police is to enlighten the members of community about the side effects of the drugs. These educated and progressive members can then further be inducted in the community police to spread the knowledge and help find the victims and culprits of the same.


Man is a social animal and hence lives in groups. No man is an island, hence the role of the community in the welfare of an individual and as an extension, his family, clan, neighbourhood is of paramount importance. Community policing by definition means a system of allocating officers of the law to particular areas so that they become familiar with local inhabitants. They not only become familiar with local inhabitants but also help train and organize them into a vibrant and effective law enforcement group. Such a system will help the society to combat evils. It is a policy of governance that requires the police to inherit a proactive and preventive approach to address safety and law enforcement concerns. In western countries such a policy/system has been in vogue for the past 150 years. Community policing has had a positive response in all the areas that it has worked.

Law enforcement officials and community members both attest to the fact that it has been successful in bringing down crime and raising the bar with regards to a sense of community, duty and security. Community policing as a philosophy, policy and system can play a long role in protecting our environment, forests, wildlife, water bodies which indeed are our legacy and our eternal treasures; which we as a responsible Society have to treasure and protect.

The role of community policing with regards to safeguarding our environment, forests, water bodies, wildlife etc is still unexplored and has tremendous potential. Citizen participation in public safety and environmental decision making can definitely serve positive functions. Citizen groups can participate in public debates on topics regarding their immediate environment and larger issues. Citizen participation in scouting the area and protecting it, can overcome the shortcomings in the traditional centralized environmental regulatory apparatuses.

Community police watch groups can be created to check the sale and trafficking of wildlife products: like ivory, skins, nails, animals, birds, etc. Cleanliness drives with the help of community policepersons can definitely be a sure success. Encroachment of forest land, irregularities in urban and rural spaces can be investigated and brought to the notice of the authorities for immediate action. The common elements in community-oriented policing towards environment, forests, water bodies, wildlife, etc include a total stress on community-based crime prevention by utilizing citizen education, neighbourhood watch and many other systems and techniques as against relying solely on governmental law enforcement agencies. Prevention should be the key and not only should emergency response be fast, but a focus should be on patrolling, monitoring, intelligence gathering and anticipation of crime. There should be increased accountability by the community police groups to the citizens they are designated to serve. The community police group should be allowed more discretionary powers and encouraged to take more initiatives and be proactive.

Community Policing For Intelligence Gathering

Intelligence gathering is an important aspect of the law enforcement agencies that has suffered due to the fear of criminals and terrorists among the populace. The agencies are unable to receive necessary inputs and information due to the fear of losing their loved ones in the cross fire between the police and the criminals and terrorists. This fear is due to the low effectiveness of the law enforcement agencies and high influence exerted by the offenders. Also, the fear could be attributed to the lack of knowledge and motivation in today’s youth to fight crime and make the nation a safer place to live.

However, the trend is gradually changing, especially in India, with the introduction of several themes such as community policing. Community policing, may sound rather new, but, it is in fact the oldest and the most effective tool used by the law enforcement agencies all over the world to fight off crime effectively.

Community policing is a joint venture undertaken by the law enforcement agencies in which the law abiding citizens and law enforcing individuals come together to form a cream of the crop association. The community police holds the banner of the police while associates itself with the poorest section of the society to give an all round crime prevention strategy. They are equipped with the modern day technology, obligatory authority and first hand intelligence that leads to the full-proof crime resistant society. Community police was initially established in USA under the banner of COPS (Community Oriented Policing Services) and was soon widely accepted by the whole world to form effective terror fighting units. In India, it is a relatively new concept that has shown marked difference in the establishment of law and order within the nation. More people are willingly accepting their responsibilities to contribute to the development of the nation and joining the race to make India a crime free state.

For this, however, intelligence gathering is the first stage. Intelligence can be defined as the desired information required for sabotaging the plans of anti-social elements in advance before they unleash their spell of terror on the mundane populace of the country. Intelligence has been offered to the law enforcement agencies over the long history of the world but, it is generally from unreliable sources that could even amount to losing several highly-trained men on the field. However, with the establishment of community policing, the link that leads to the criminals has grown stronger as most average citizens have started accepting their role in unmasking these superfluous entities. Also, the correct intelligence helps the law enforcement agencies or police to formulate a strategic plan of action that would help them eliminate the core of the crime without losing many resources such as highly proficient and valuable human lives.

The earlier concept to avoiding the police due to the prolonged gap between them has been successfully bridged by the community policing lead to more cooperation from the masses. They are no more scared of the police instead want to assist them in achieving a perfectly peaceful state of law and order within the society to lead a life of dreams.

Community police saw its beginning due to over assertive nature of crime dominating the society for long. The community made its contribution by providing necessary intelligence leading to perfectly planned counteractions, prevention and elimination of terror. The common man is not weak, instead s/he has several sources that not only link him to the criminals but also gives him an edge of predicting a crime even before it has happened. This ability when handed to the correct authorities could remove the crime and also provide him resistance and protection from the criminals.

Objectives of Community Policing For Intelligence Gathering

Crimes have a very short lived lifetime and appropriate intelligence can further reduce its life time to nil!

Hence, the importance of it cannot be debated upon at any point of time. The community plays an extremely vital and non-swappable role in the gathering of intelligence to device effective tactics for prevention and counteraction leading to the downfall of the criminals and their criminal conspiracies. They form linkage that the police needs to minimize the effects of crime. However, to be more precise the objectives of community policing for intelligence gathering are elaborated beneath…

Community police provides and receives reliable and validated intelligence that could prove useful in the hours of need.

The community police have the support of both segments of the society namely, populace and police, making them well shored up and informed.

The intelligence led community policing has the power to undertake a more far stretched strategy and approach, strike terror elements from all sides.

They help in instilling the conscientiousness among people and reducing the fear of criminals and police at the same time.

An integrated approach enables the community police to analyze the crime, criminals and circumstances better by going in depth of details that otherwise remain hidden due to lack of collaboration.

The community police are an effective segment that is able to monitor the regular and serious offenders even during the times they are lying low or underground.

The planning of serious criminal conspiracies can be easily attained by the community and further shared with the law enforcement agencies to prevent major or minor damages to the society.

With the limitation of manpower and resources, the community police are able to handle specified jobs such as screening leaving the police to focus on serious offences and hideous crimes.

Finally, the communities police can effectively plan, strategize, prevent, execute and enforce law leading to a safe today and tomorrow.

To conclude, many criminals feel that they are untouchable because of their superfluous power protecting them. However, with community policing this air is blown out of the balloon called power. Appropriate intelligence can give the enforcement agencies desired cushion for planning a strike and winning over freedom from crime for their society. To be a bridge, intelligence led community policing is the answer to all the strikes lead by terror and the best way to achieve this unit of intelligence led community police is by the populace playing their part by contributing the necessary intelligence!

Community Policing Tool to Reduce Crime

Community police is a unique branch of chosen people formed by the alliance of the dignified community members and police to fight the repugnant faces of crime prevalent in the society. the aim is not only to abolish the word “crime” forever but to make society a safer place to live in. every individual plans a safe surrounding for their future generation and wants to put in their best efforts in achieving this state of protection and safety. However, with the claw of crimes wide-stretched within the society, the fight and walk becomes difficult and at times unachievable. This mindset and sentiment makes a person feel helpless and defeated. But, this is not the sentiment that one wants to see within the strong pillars of the society. Instead, what one seeks is the pillar of strength that is ready to take on the responsibility o f cleansing the society and removing the unwarranted elements to make the nation a place one dreams off. Crime may be big but, the power of the society to fight it is even bigger!

Fighting crimes is not only the prerogative of the police instead it is the responsibility of every member of the community to beat it effectively as society suffers from it. The destructive elements of the society are the ones that contribute to its popularity and damage. One of the first steps towards fighting the crime is by gathering needful and accurate intelligence that would lead the police to the culprit and at times stop the crime even before it has affected the society as a whole. But, gathering intelligence is an extremely challenging step and cannot be achieved without proper cooperation from the society. The populace forms the link between the felony doers and the police along with contributing sufficiently to the counter measures needed to prevent the execution of such crimes in the future by helping, report the anti-social elements.

However, in present scenario and far stretched approach of the illicit conspiracies, merely reporting the crime is not enough. The community has to join hands and be a part of elite force that fights the crime with equal effectiveness due to their first hand exposure to the criminals at work. Intelligence led community policing may sound like a new concept to many however; it is a rather old one that has worked effectively in several countries across the world. It was first experimented upon by UK to bust large spread drug rackets in early 1990’s. It worked as planned on schedule and inspired many other nations across the world as well. Over the past decade, the joint initiative taken by the federal enforcement agencies and community has lead to a more sound and safer nations regulated by the law abiding citizens.

Criminals often find the path of crimes or felonies as an easier option with great benefits in terms of money and power initially. However, what they fail to understand is the long term reparations that they and their family members would have to reap in the future, most importantly tagging them and their future generations as criminals forever. This could even destroy the future of many intelligent and productive youths of the nation affecting its overall growth and development drastically.

Role of Community Policing to Reduce Crime

The role of community policing in gathering of intelligence and using it effectively to reduce crime cannot be denied or doubted. The play a vital role in assisting the law enforcement agencies and saving several precious lives that may be lost during the tracking and termination of criminal events. However, to highlight its character further appropriately the following manifestations are cataloged below…

  • Community policing is able to reach the mole of the crime faster due to its undoubted association and link with the society and its members.
  • Community policing is able to gather more apt intelligence that would help device counteractive strategies and plans.
  • The knowledge and consequences of the conspiracy helps people defer from using it along with helping them to enlighten others about it as well.
  • The earlier motto of police was to save the victim but, with community being equally responsible for safety, they would make conscientious decisions at every stage.
  • The combination of authority with accountability gives each person the right amount of push to prevent the crime before happening.
  • Because of their new found definition, position and state, the populace is less likely to take unwarranted and illicit decisions leading to unwanted actions.
  • The use of community policing in intelligence gathering allows the focusing the right aspects and integrating them to create a full proof strategy enabling maximum benefits.
  • The data and intelligence given by the community police is more reliable and valid as compared to the one received from sources within the elements.
  • Appropriate preclusion, commotion and enforcement can be planned in advance before striking the enemy to ensure minimum wastage of resources.

To conclude the discussion above, it is important to realize that however lucrative the path of crime may sound, it is extremely short lived and with the contribution of intelligence led community policing it may terminate even before stating. The biggest aim of the intelligence led community policing is to create a society who feel repulsed and de-motivated from using the criminal offences from within. This way they would never end up using the path altogether and this can be only achieved by educating them about the various aspects of it. Also, community police is an effective tool to pass over information and intelligence about the undergoing and to-be undertaken criminal activities to help the law enforcement agencies in nabbing the moles before they strike the society and pollute it with the filthy minds.

To be precise, community policing is the most effective tool for intelligence gathering and prevention of crime in the appropriate moment to send out the motto of, “Stay Safe and Be Cautious at all Times!”

Community Policing Will Increase Women Safety

Women safety and security has been a prime concern for Indian government and law enforcement authorities for over a decade now. With the hideous crimes against women on a rise and at an all time high, it is extremely essential to fight this vicious monster from within by changing the mentality of the people, irrespective of caste, creed and sex. Also, the best remedy for such a situation can be achieved by making the offenders and community people not only judge of it but also responsible for protecting the dignity of women living in the society.

The most vital raison d'être behind making the offenders protectors is that most crimes against women are executed by men belonging to the same society, locality or even family. They exploit women by crossing the boundaries of rationality and personal space and integrity to achieve a moment of pleasure subjected to animal impulses instigated by ulterior motives such as revenge, lust or plain instinctual decision overpowering their rationale state at the spur of the moment. Nevertheless, most people realize their wrong doings and are taken over by the eternal guilt caused by the happenings or doings to violate the margin drawn by the women. However, there is little that can be done to resolve this issue or even undo the hideous crime against women. The list of these crimes is long and consists of various transgression amounting to physical, social, mental or sexual harassment of the lady at the hands of the society on the moment of abuse and is continued long after the misdeed. Some of these felonies are rapes, sexual assaults and harassments, domestic abuses, social abuses and violation or complete denial of basic human rights.

Women do not feel safe within the premises of their own nation and motherland. This notion, thought and sentiment has to be changed by making them feel protected by the joint collaboration of police and the members of the community. A determined and enhanced approach is needed to counter the occurrences of the crimes against women that have become a part of day to day living. The community itself can identify and rectify the people exhibiting the anti-social and anti-women behavior for a safer future for our daughters, mothers, wives, sisters and colleagues/friends. Women, too, have the right to live peacefully and without the fear of facing a hideous incident of chauvinism and tormenting followed by the crime.

The community policing alone possesses the capability and clout to enhance the safety of the society along with building a society that empowers women as equals and look after their security with equal dedication. However, to take up this responsibility with complete dedication and honesty, it is essential that the community understands the core concepts behind the establishment of community policing.

Community policing is a law governing body that is established from the joint collaboration of the police/ law enforcement authorities and the community/society. It focuses on giving the police a new meaning where public and police are the two faces of the same coin with both the parties making conscious effort to bring law and order within the society to enable peaceful existence. This partnership is constructed on the strong foundation of mutual responsiveness, morals and conscience to do the right deed and punish or rectify the wrong doers. But, for this joint venture to function to its optimum capability it is essential that the police engrave itself as a part of the community that they trust and vice versa. Mutual trust and understanding helps solve the crimes faster and bringing the culprits to justice.

Women are an integral part of this community and hence, their safety, security and protection are the responsibility of every ones, upright and conscious citizen of the country. If every citizen has been imprinted with this basic sense of belongingness and righteousness, then the crimes against women would diminish in no time leaving ample space for growth and development.

Many studies have proved that community policing has increased infrastructure, helped conserve the infrastructure that is already there, beautify the surroundings, bring crime rate down, increase the health graph of the citizens and inspire and convince the citizenry that they have a very good future in the community. Investors are smart and look for perpetual and long term returns. This can only be provided by a community that is vibrant and a region where every process is functional and delivers. This is ensured by community policing. The bottom line is community policing is key to prosperity as it creates an investor-friendly environment and attracts investors by the droves.

Responsibilities of the Community Police for Protection of Women

Although, there can be several bright derivations that can be achieved by this joint venture, however, the most imminent ones are enlisted below…

  • The criminal offenders of crimes against women can be easily identified and punished
  • Women will feel a sense of safety they are continuously surrounded by people who give their security utmost importance and would never take the path of misconduct with them. It is a more far stretched approach affecting and monitoring a larger section of society all at once that cannot be achieved by the solitary efforts of the police due to limited resources and manpower.
  • With power of being the part of elite force called community police, the accountability of each person increases all the more as they are now liable to answer to not only the police but the community as well.
  • Also, they are responsible for implementing rules and ensuring that each woman avails her birth rights or in other words fundamental and human rights.
  • A sense of moral consciousness within the community would help many retrospects and avoid cases of crimes that violate the dignity of women.

It is not essential that the crimes against women are always concluded by the men but, in several circumstances it is women who execute such crimes such as domestic violence, dowry, harassment or exploitation. In such cases, conscious effort should be made by the community police to bestow justice to the victim by awarding punishment to the culprit. It is essential for all segments to understand that nobody is above the law and would sooner or later face the music for their wrong doings.

Environmental Economics

As the name suggest, environmental economics is a sub-branch of economics that mainly focuses on the environmental issues that engulf the earth in present day. Economics, overall, is the study of resources spread over the entire region under question. Hence, to associate the two, environment and economics, it is the study of the environmental resources, their availability, scarcity and depletion, over the country or area under discussion. It is known that the resources provided by the nature indispensible and require extreme caution while utilization, as they cannot be produced by human technology. Hence, their depletion can cause an alarming concern and an urgent need to replenish.

Environmental economics makes use of these inputs pertaining to the depletion, usage and extinction of natural resources to keep a tab on the remaining ones along with developing an insight to use them wisely to make them last longer. Also, depleting resources may amount to price hikes and inflation within the markets affecting the overall economy of the country. Environmental economics is this distinct branch of economics that also studies the correlation between the environment resources and the economy of the country to understand the effects. This helps in better planning of strategies that would enhance the development of the country along with devising counter plans to utilize minimum resources for maximum output.

Environmental Crimes of Globalization

Environment provides for the needs for all species dwelling on earth as a mother caters for her child. It offers a protective blanket of air that covers us, let’s us breath and defend us from harmful radiations, a warm nurturing land that gives us place to reside and food to eat and water that quenches our thirst. But, human beings, like selfish children, have been exploiting these resources and gifts for slaking their desires for power, money and property. Forests have been cut down ruthlessly to cater for staying needs and forest produce, animals slaughtered for their by products and air polluted by the harmful exhaust of their experiments.

The countries are running on a, “race to bottom” strategy wherein each country is quickly using up the available resources to create an economic domination over the market. This chase has outlaid heavily to the environment by reducing several of its components to an all time low, nearing extinction. Unrealized uprooting of trees and butchering of animals and sea life have has created a barrier of fear amongst the co-dwellers. Also, the growing populace of the nations has created much more mouths to feeds, which is beyond sustenance amounting to desperate needs for food and shelter. These distressed calls have raised a new series of doubt, discussions and debates on the ongoing policies of the nations across the world.

Globalization was earlier seen as a much needed change to alter the global scenario that facilitated power hunger and struggle. However, in the present circumstances, globalization has further infuriated the fire for supremacy and dominion. The world is now being a ruthless hunter abusing natural reserves to attain glory on the battlefield. But, this trot to the obliteration mountain has to stop before it’s too late to revert back and reserve the remaining resources. This vital task can only be handled effectively if the populace unites as one entity to fight the few power hungry people exploiting the means for their selfish benefits. It has to be a collaborative effort of the law enforcement agencies and the community to prevent further damage from happening.

This collaborative strategy is called community policing where in the morally conscious and responsible citizens of the world join hands with the concerned authorities to achieve a state of complete peace and serenity in the environment. This dynamic mixture has its roots dug deep into the core of the society to ground it and wings high in the sky to give it the much needed flight. Several NGO’s have taken the first step towards this partnership to further facilitate understanding among the general masses for greater cooperation and support.

The basic appreciation of the environment, its components and its boundaries have to be defined and set to assist the development in a positive direction. Environment has suffered several irrevocable blows and may not be able to sustain any more. Present scenario, as expected by the analyses and thinkers, may be the stepping stone for the Malthusian catastrophe. The Malthusian catastrophe is the prediction centered on the concerns pertaining to the increasing population, depleting resources and agricultural produce. It is believed that this, Malthusian catastrophe, would lead a state of drought in the world, eliminating its population to almost half.

Such a prediction could only be reverted by developing a consciousness amongst its citizen. A morally conscientious citizen would always weigh his alternatives well before uprooting an innocent being for his/her personal benefit. He would be the center of revolution within the society that would ultimately lead to a change in the outlook of the policies supported by nations for economic growth. But, one person alone cannot achieve this gigantic dream of clean, green and flourishing Mother Nature. Numerous natives have to join this clout together for faster and more effective impact on the policies.

The nations can also avoid this scenario of Malthusian catastrophe by upholding a positive approach towards the utilization of resources of the country. Instead of burning the resources, they could willfully shift focus on the reserves of nature that not likely to extinguish such as solar, water or air. Every dynamic step may appear difficult at first but, with a gradual approach combined with innumerous support, the path simplifies.

The first trailer of this amazing movie has been witnessed by the launch of UN Clean Air Initiative that promotes the importance of cleaning the air free of pollution along with issuing detailed methods to achieve it. Several other countries have raised their voices against increasing climatic disturbance and change, over-fishing in the aqua region and deforestation for residential and raw produce purposes. More and more people are joining this initiative to restore the lost resources of the planet to facilitate clean and green development from which even the future generations could benefit.

Besides the ongoing efforts, multiple endeavors have to be prepared to promote the use of hydro, air and solar power for meeting the growing needs of the society. Globalization is the key to development and prevention of environmental crimes against wildlife and natural resources such as trees, fossil fuels, terra firma and aquatic life, etc. The use of alternative sources of travelling such as bicycles is one of the vital improvements as the exhausts of bikes, cars and other heavy vehicle alone contribute to the maximum air pollution and global warming.

To conclude the facts stated above, the world cannot prosper beyond a stated point with its continued policies and practices. An abrupt strategy to stop these practices is the only possible solution to prevent any further damage to the environment. The environment was devised to protect the god’s beautiful creations but, today it is the environment that needs protection from us, human beings. Protect it while you can as not everything lasts forever. There is a limit to its endurance beyond which it could take no more and might vanish into nothingness destroying all the inhabiting life simultaneously. Green is gold if one has the outlook to see beyond economic gains!

Environmental Design for Crime Prevention

Environmental design is a unique approach in which plans and strategies are devised by targeting and including the surrounding areas of the concern. This loom has proven extremely beneficial in multiple scenarios ranging from policies to building and construction. The policies and products have always focused their concentration towards the environment however; the environmental design keeps the concerned article in the center before devising a strategy or concept.

The initial environmental design had seen its dawn in the 1940’s but, until recently the concept was kept away from crime prevention. Efforts are being made to inculcate the core concepts of environmental design for crime prevention across the globe. Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) is a unique approach that has received its inspiration from the environmental design for conceptualization. It focuses on deterring the criminal behavior in an individual before it takes shape of a criminal conspiracy. It heavily relies on the ability to influence the criminal side of the offender before he has committed any criminal activity.

To conclude, it can be rightfully acclaimed that community police is perhaps the most effective tool to decline the cases of crimes against women. the society is responsible for these crimes hence, a conscious effort to make the society guardians instead of offenders would definitely lead to the downfall of crimes. In the end, please remember that women are a part of the society and they have an equal right to lead a dignified and secure life as any other citizen. Respect this sentiment and move towards a better future awaiting the nation.