Women Empowerment


Women in today’s world are competent enough to walk along side men and achieve things that were earlier a forbidden dream. Women, in fact as of today, are an equal part of the society by contributing to the development of the nation, in general. The disparity between men and women is slowly dissolving into nothingness. The persistent inequality shadowing the growth of women in professional and personal fields in olden days affected the growth of the country as nearly half of the populace was unemployed and unsatisfied with the lifestyle they led. The women, as on day, are availing equal facilities of health, job opportunities, rights, education and political freedom. In other words, they are free enough to not only take their decisions but are also competent enough to be the part of the functioning of the nation.

With two earning members within the same household, the concept of poverty line is slowly diminishing leaving behind a glorious tomorrow. The women empowerment implies greater opportunities for women leading to a progressive and developed society in turn offering enhanced safety, security and options for them. They are earning well and hence, contributing to the GDP and other developmental aspects of the nation. Hence, it can be rightfully said that women empowerment and economic development are co-existent variables that support each other also, two hands are always better than one!

Woman Adam’s Rib

God had made women as a partner to men and not a servant or boss. This is clearly evident from the Genesis 2:22 of bible, when the god had borrowed the rib bone of Adam to create the magnificent structure of women. Had he wanted a servant, he could have borrowed a heel bone and had he wanted a boss, he would have used the skull bone. But, he chose a rib to walk beside him and partner him in all his alliances and endeavors.

According to the Genesis 2:22, known as “The Creation of Woman”, so the LORD God caused a deep sleep to fall upon the man, and he slept; then He took one of his ribs and closed up the flesh at that place. The LORD God fashioned into a woman the rib which He had taken from the man, and brought her to the man. The man said, "This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh; She shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man."…

There are several future references to this quote made in Genesis 2:18 to 25, to explain Gods motive. Hence, suggesting the motive to make cohort or a spouse rather than any other form that have been derived in the future world.

Woman Empowerment

Women Empowerment is a very intense term in which a woman is taught to stand up for herself and take her decisions independently after breaking down all the unnecessary restrictions and boundaries placed around her. These precincts are placed on her by the family, society and religion under the pretence of protecting and saving her from harm’s way. However, these rules and boundaries are not guided by the constitution of India. To the contrary, the constitution gives equal rights to the women and men by treating them on the same ground and at times maintaining a bias towards women.

Development of a country is largely dependent upon the progress and growth of its people irrespective of the sex, caste and creed. Women form almost half the chunk of population in India. Hence, t is extremely essential for women to progress and feel empowered to help the nation progress.

The term empowerment does not essentially mean educating her. Instead it is a collaborative effort of education, social, economic and physical training to enable her to function as a separate entity with extreme ease. Her decisions should be given weight age and status as they demand. She should be powered to walk beside men rather than behind them!

Prevention of crimes against women urban

The urban areas in the crimes against women have seen a sudden increase. These crimes mostly revolve around the ever increasing rape, molestation, marital crimes and harassment cases. Although, women are walking beside men to shoulder the responsibilities of home and life yet, their existence and progress is subjected to a lot of questions. In India, it is believed by most of the chauvinistic and even educated people that the clothes, education, independence and freedom trigger crimes against them as they instigate them. It is particularly vital to understand that these crimes are not done because of instigation from certain party rather; they are an outcome of the wrong mindset and upbringing.

To prevent such hideous crimes against women, it is imperative to empower them in all aspects ranging from social, domestic, economical and physical. This is the first step towards a better nation of tomorrow as they hold the key to development as much as men. They become the womb that gives birth to progressive young individuals of tomorrow. The empowerment in urban areas is slightly different than that of rural areas since here, the problem is not education. Instead, the problem is in the functioning of the society where certain uncivilized people ill-treat them. In urban areas, a woman needs to be equipped with the training to protect her and stand up against these uncivilized elements.

Prevention of crimes against women rural

In India, where men feel competent enough to walk the moon, women are expected are stay within the four walls of their house and continue doing so for the rest of their life. Their existence and independence is often considered as a negative aspect that would invite trouble for them in the future. This mindset is more prevalent in the rural areas of the country where most of the population is uneducated and lacks the exposure of the modern world.

In rural India, women and girls form nearly a quarter of the total population yet they associate themselves with just the mundane or unpaid care work. They form a large population of the small scale farmers or landless workers trying to earn a basic wage to sustain a life. However, this situation can be improved if they are imparted at least the basic education. The girls and women form a major workforce of a nation and their untapped potential can be tapped by the means of empowering them and helping them achieve equality in the society.

Also, it would help them rise the future generations with greater outlook and where-with-all to fight the evils of the society. Their expertise and income would bring development in the household and raise the standard of living and health care.

Fundamental Needs of Women

Certain fundamental rights are given to every individual of our country as a part of their birth right. These rights cannot be denied and should not be denied for a safe, beautiful and progressive future ahead.

a. Safety
→ Safe Drinking Water
→ Safe Sanitation
→ Safe Living Conditions
→ Availability of sanitary pads
b. Safe medical treatment for women
→ Medical Insurance for Women
→ Post operative care after child birth
→ Education on family planning surgery

c. Education for Women
→ Safe Education Atmosphere
→ Availability of schools and other educational institutions

d. Creating Job Opportunities for Women
→ Promoting Entrepreneurship among Women
→ Women and Finance
→ Safe Work Culture

e. Safe Transportation and Connectivity

Women’s Right to Dignity

Dignity is an every individuals’ right equivalent to birth. Dignity offers a platform to live upright and happy in all stages of life. But, unfortunately this basic right has been denied to many women across our beautiful nation and other countries. A dignified woman has the power to stand up against all odds and circumstances such as domestic violence or deterring attitude of the members or social pressures.

To achieve the right to dignity the journey may be long but starts with helping the women know and understand her fundamental birth rights. A certain education is also necessary in order to make her competent enough to grant her independence in taking decisions and distinguishing right from wrong. Many initiatives have been taken by the government and NGO’s to empower women and make her avail her right to dignity. These efforts are being made for women from all segments of the society irrespective of their socio-economic status. In fact, women from lowers segments, villages, and sex worker need much more support as compared to modern urban women who have equipped themselves to fight for themselves. Their education, alertness and exposure have helped them achieve a certain grip over their past, present and future.

Women Empowerment: Key to Better Society

Women are as much vital to the development of the nation as are men or children. They, too, shoulder the responsibilities at domestic and professional front to ensure livelihood of the family.

For a more balanced and progressive society, it is of vital significance to create and provide opportunities to the women where they lead a more dignified life and judged and graded on basis of their potential and merit rather than sex. They should be granted promotions and payments at power with their male counterparts or colleagues. This also includes and demands a change in the behavior and outlook of the men towards the women, with respect to recognizing their role in the office and family life. Most men take the credit for the crucial role in the family life as by default they are considered to be the bread-earner and head of the family. However, a role of the women is significant as she is the one who is considered as the homemaker and plays a vital role in looking after the family at domestic front.

Women Empowerment: A Formula for Sustained Development

India has been experiencing a stunted growth pattern for quite some time now. There are several factors attached to it but, the most repetitive factor is the minimal contribution of women in this development. Women form an equaling part of the society as men. But, due to lack of support from the family and society, they are unable to receive the wherewithal required to achieve development. Their education is often compromised because of economic or social constraints. A major area of concern is the women security in the nation.

Comparison between Women Empowerment in India and Rest of the World

Women have been the oppressed sex all over the world for centuries. However, the condition has been far worse in India. Most of the woman population in India comes under the banner of illiteracy. Also, nearly 75% of Indian women have been exposed to domestic violence or social evils like eve-teasing or sexual harassment once in their life. The most difficult aspect of the situation is that most women have either accepted to come terms with the wrong. They do not have the wherewithal to fight against it due to multiple reasons. These reasons range from lack of family support to the fear of resentment from the society.

This equation is also prevalent in several other parts of the society where women are subjected to force sexual labour or other evils every day. However, with extreme efforts from the society, the western and European countries have overcome the problem to a certain extent by empowering them. It is known that nearly 58 countries of these continents have achieved an equal status for women in terms of social and economic structure offering them equal opportunities. The road has been slow for the developing countries but is bound to catch up with the existing reforms and efforts.

Self Help Groups

Many NGO’s and government policies and departments are making a continuous effort towards developing self help groups for women which empower women. The self help groups can be functional with two motives, one for educational purposes and another with the motive to help them recover from certain setbacks.

The first kind of self help group works towards providing necessary basic education and vocational training to the women who need it. The vocational training equip them with the basic knowledge to earn their livelihood with dignity and respect such as stitching, pottery, and other creative tasks that do not require higher education. These vocational training self help groups mainly trigger the population in villages and other rural areas to provide a firm platform for future development.

The other kind of self help group focuses on providing a sound and firm support system for women who have suffered at the hands of society or family. Like minded people and people in similar circumstances are able to connect better and are able to find solutions to the underlying problems and issues. They find support and courage from inspirational stories of other women, who have fought the evil, to stand up and fight against it.

Educating Children

Children are future generation of our country. They will shoulder the responsibility to walk the nation towards growth and development. It would give them an insight to consider the girls and women as an equal in the road ahead rather than rendering them to an unjust attitude.

Women have been subjected to injustice by the certain segments of the society for a very long time but, education is the only source that can mend the bridge for a brighter future tomorrow. Also, the children of newer generation hold a much wider perspective towards life that is later clouded by the wrong notions of the family and society, in general. Education reduces this discrepancy and helps broadening their horizons to see the things in a brighter light.